Howietoun Fishery in Stirling Scotland since 1881

December 2013

Autumn is a busy period at the Fishery and one that is (for me) very enjoyable since it involves inspecting our brood-fish on a regular basis to ensure that mature females are stripped at the optimum time.

We make good use of this period with several student practicals and training modules. I have always received a “buzz” from imparting the knowledge gained over what is now 32 years of professional involvement with salmonids and if even some of the visiting students develop the same passion for their work it will be reward enough.

These practicals can, out of necessity, be conducted under some pretty challenging weather conditions and this does help to make some realise that fish work may not be the most desirable of least in northern latitudes!

Late autumn is also a time when many angling clubs place their order for fish to be delivered the following spring and it is always nice to discuss sport over the past angling season.


The past few months have been conducive for growth with higher than average temperatures. With all ponds full of Brown Trout we will have our usual range of size of fish available for spring 2014 and look forward to providing fish to customers far and wide. 

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