Howietoun Fishery in Stirling Scotland since 1881

February 2014

The weather has suddenly turned “very wintery” and despite day length being significantly longer it is not pleasant being outside today (despite several extra layers).
The covering of snow (that fell in the early hours) provided the first good opportunity this winter to see what had been abroad during the hours of darkness.  Like a “kid in the sweetie shop” I never tire of investigating fresh tracks and fresh snow provides the ideal opportunity.

Interpreting just what has happened provides insight into the movements and habits of many visiting birds and mammals (and humans!) and it is interesting to compare patterns over a long time frame.

This month sees some frenetic activity making sure all feeders are ready for the fry that have now almost exhausted their yolk sacs and are ready for artificial rations. The last of the eggs have been collected for “the fish in the classroom” projects throughout several catchments in Scotland and (so far) few replacements have been required. 
Two days were spent this week setting up fish for a student project and it was nice to get the chance to see trout close up rather than deep in the water. The range of colours and spot patterns made for interesting conversation as we weighed and measured the fish.
The first deliveries of 2 year olds in 2014 will be made at the end of the month and from then on there will be little time off till June. Bring on the sunshine (but not too much!).

These alevins have hatched from the egg and will need to absorb the yolk sac before they can feed for themselves.

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