Howietoun Fishery in Stirling Scotland since 1881

March 2014

There has been some frantic activity since the start of March making sure that customers who wanted fish introduced before the 15th had received fish on the due date. It is sobering to reflect that a washing machine/telephone/central heating engineer can only provide the approximate day he can attend to your problems yet fish deliveries can be made on date and to within minutes of the appointed hour........even at weekends!

I have now graded through all but 2 of the on growing ponds and the trout are absolutely superb. We have all female triploid Browns that exceed 2lbs and even the ponds that were set up with latest hatched fry from the year before have fish exceeding 1.25lbs. My only concern is that the fish not due to be delivered till late May or June will be even bigger than expected which may necessitate extra deliveries so that critical biomass is not exceeded in any one delivery.

As one of the few producers that still grades fish individually (see photo) quality can be guaranteed. Images of fish will be added to the file on a regular basis.

We will have a fly fishing pond available from the 1st May that will be stocked with some superb fish. Interested individuals (or clubs wishing an outing) can contact Howietoun by e-mail or telephone.

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