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Keeping up with a monthly report has fallen by the wayside! I write this in mid May during a brief catch up with paper-work having completed grading out the next few deliveries of fish quicker than expected. The weather is helping us with recent rain being helpful in keeping water flow up and providing cooler than normal water temperature for the time of year. The down side is that ground conditions are soft and can easily prevent getting the delivery vehicle close to the waters edge (getting the pick-up and trailer bogged is just plain tedious) and increases drop off time. It is far better to carry the fish further in bins than risk getting stuck. Willing volunteers (to help transfer fish) seem to be becoming increasingly elderly yet once fish are released it is amazing how many fit young lads appear to fish seemingly unaware that help was required during the previous few hours...........


The first hatches of mallard are now busy gorging on hawthorn flies and chironomids – there seems to be enough for both ducklings and trout and as long as the duck keep their broods inside the electric fence around the ponds predation loss by otters is minimised. Predation loss from predators that can legally be controlled should never be significant if due diligence is observed......

The best bit about delivering fish around the country is seeing some stunning scenery and meeting some lovely people. There does however seem to be many places either no longer
stocking brown trout or reducing the number of fish being introduced. Something equally striking is just how few peewits are displaying over agricultural ground this spring. With bigger fields, bigger and faster tractors and lots of ground preparation being done during the night first clutches are invariably destroyed. Long gone are the days when the tractor man would get off his seat place the eggs in his “bonnet” complete the cultivation and make up the nest and replace the clutch for incubation to carry on.

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