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Howietoun News June 2014

Mid June and we still have to completely finish off grading and allocating space for 2 large ponds of Brown Trout. At least the final big pond in the middle section of the farm has now been drained and the last fish graded. All ponds so far have yielded more (and bigger) fish than we expected - this has delayed getting the lower ponds finished off.

The plus side is that the fishing area is heavily stocked with some stunning fish. All anglers who have visited so far have achieved their limit (even novices.....) with fish of 2lbs plus featuring in everyone’s catch. This area is available to clubs for a block booking if desired. Full details are available on the website or contact me via e-mail or telephone.

The earliest hatched mallard are now fully grown and almost indistinguishable from their mothers. Songbirds have achieved good fledging success with lots of young Reed Buntings, Song Thrushes, Black-birds, Tree Sparrows and Warblers busy feeding around the ponds and wet margins.
The fry from last autumn’s eggs are now around 4g in weight and the first of these fish are now installed in the upper ponds at the Fishery. It really is amazing - worryingly so! How quickly the season passes. 
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