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Howietoun News, December 2014

The very mild weather (until recently) has delayed ovulation in our brood fish with the result that I am still stripping big numbers of fish in mid - December when in a "normal year" we would have stripped virtually all fish by now with maybe 20 or 30 hens left to strip between Christmas and New Year. The hen fish ripe for the first time exhibit some really lovely livery, with almost all fish boldly marked with lots of red spots. This type of colour is now firmly stamped in the gene pool and many customers have commented on the definitive markings in fish received during 2014.

We are working towards at least 50% production of all female triploid fish in anticipation that Scottish Government will impose this restriction on stocked Brown Trout in the near future. It is extremely frustrating to hear from them that "no decision has been made yet" yet people applying for "consent to stock" are told they must purchase triploid fish... where do they think they will come from?

Stirling University has been conducting experiments on triploid induction for more than 25 years and we are very pleased that Andrew Preston should shortly gain his doctorate in Triploid Induction in Brown Trout having worked here as biologist before joining the research staff of the Institute of Aquaculture. New protocols for triploid induction are now available for the trout industry courtesy of Andrew’s hard work and experimentation.  If these protocols are adhered to 99.9% triploid yield is possible.

If you are interested in learning more about triploid/diploid differences we will happily provide more information.
If you would to place an order (or discuss options) please get in touch as soon as possible.
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

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