Howietoun Fishery in Stirling Scotland since 1881

Howietoun News July 2014

The beginning of July means setting up a fish display at "The Scottish Game Fair". In recent years this has been in the GWCT display area on Fishermans Row but for 2014 space was allocated at the reception desk for casting tuition/casting competitions. It did mean a steady flow of interested parties either just admiring the fish or acknowledging there providence.

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Howietoun News June 2014

Mid June and we still have to completely finish off grading and allocating space for 2 large ponds of Brown Trout. At least the final big pond in the middle section of the farm has now been drained and the last fish graded. All ponds so far have yielded more (and bigger) fish than we expected - this has delayed getting the lower ponds finished off.

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Howietoun News April & May

Keeping up with a monthly report has fallen by the wayside! I write this in mid May during a brief catch up with paper-work having completed grading out the next few deliveries of fish quicker than expected. The weather is helping us with recent rain being helpful in keeping water flow up and providing cooler than normal water temperature for the time of year. The down side is that ground conditions are soft and can easily prevent getting the delivery vehicle close to the waters edge (getting the pick-up and trailer bogged is just plain tedious) and increases drop off time. It is far better to carry the fish further in bins than risk getting stuck. Willing volunteers (to help transfer fish) seem to be becoming increasingly elderly yet once fish are released it is amazing how many fit young lads appear to fish seemingly unaware that help was required during the previous few hours...........


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March 2014

There has been some frantic activity since the start of March making sure that customers who wanted fish introduced before the 15th had received fish on the due date. It is sobering to reflect that a washing machine/telephone/central heating engineer can only provide the approximate day he can attend to your problems yet fish deliveries can be made on date and to within minutes of the appointed hour........even at weekends!

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February 2014

The weather has suddenly turned “very wintery” and despite day length being significantly longer it is not pleasant being outside today (despite several extra layers).
The covering of snow (that fell in the early hours) provided the first good opportunity this winter to see what had been abroad during the hours of darkness.  Like a “kid in the sweetie shop” I never tire of investigating fresh tracks and fresh snow provides the ideal opportunity.

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